VelaShape Reviews and Complaints

VelaShape reviews, complaints and adverse reports are too many to list here. But I’ve gathered just a few to share with you…
It’s important to note: This type of “hidden” information is not so easy to find – but may save you a lot of money, prevent physical pain and spare you unnecessary emotional distress.
Why Do I Do This For You?
Well.. 3 words: Because I care!
(and yes ‘I love you’ also in a brotherly/sisterly kind of way :-)
I really don’t need to write much as everything you need to know right now is below. So, here you go…

velashape review velashape complaint

Velashape Complaint

velashape review velashape complaint

Velashape Complaint - B

velashape burns velashape bruising

Velashape Burns - Day 3

Official “Adverse Event” Report Filed With FDA -re: VelaShape

VelaShape – Too Smooth to Be True – via: Wall Street Journal

Spent Over $4,000 on VelaShape

VelaShape @ ALC Complaint Filed via Rip-Off-Report


What About All the Other “Supposed” Cellulite Treatments Besides VelaShape?

Well, I can only cover one at a time. So stay tuned for more of these features on various reviews, lawsuits, complaints and adverse effect reports on all the ineffective products and services marketed as a treatment for cellulite.

Mark Your Calendar, Baby…

I’ve been asked to do an interview with a highly respected fitness model and transformation coach from Australia, on the topic of cellulite reduction through specifically targeted exercises – and we will be sharing that interview with you in the next week or two. What we cover in that interview will give you powerful insights into how your body is structured, how it works and what you can do to start seeing and feeling definite improvements in your worst trouble spots and problem areas….

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Recent Naked Beauty/SYMULAST FAQ’s

1 – You can order and access your program from any country – as it is presented to you via private online access. As a client – you’ll have access for life.
2 – Nothing gets shipped as your program is hosted on a secure and private area of this website. You’ll get a login link and a private password.
3 – This is a one-time payment. That’s it.
4 – You’ll have the option to get the DVD and book combo upgrade in a few weeks as we have many happy clients requesting those. All clients get the DVD and book version at a very deep discount, only if you want it.
5 – I understand why most women do not want to publicly share their “Before and After” cellulite story and photos. No problem – however, if you wish to do so, I would be extremely excited and would welcome the opportunity to share your success story so we can help other women experience the same success by showing the “the proof”. Welcomed but not mandatory.
6 – If you’d rather watch the video presentation again – before you decide to become a client – then you can watch that here: Cellulite Reduction Video

Jennifer R cellulite reduction email

Recent Cellulite Reduction Success Email

Stay tuned for more – or better yet, come join me and the rest of the ladies who are following my program…
We’d love to have you and see you reach your “best body” goals.

– Joey Atlas
Womens Body Enhancement Specialist

PS – Just in case you missed the first post on VelaShape – here it is: VelaShape

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