Ultrasonic Cavitation for Cellulite? Read on for the answer…

“Is Ultrasonic Cavitation effective in getting rid of cellulite?”
That was the question recently submitted by a loyal subscriber. Here are her exact words:

Hi Joey:

I found that here in Lima (Peru) is getting common the ultrasonic cavitation treatment. There is some information online, I will share 2 links but I would like you to tell us what are your thoughts about this treatment for cellulite reduction.

Thank you

I’m only going to share one of the links she sent simply for illustrative purposes. The other link was a spammy type site with no credibility whatsoever.
In my investigation and research I came across an FAQ page. All the answers were complete and total B.S. Here is just one sick and sad example from that page:
Q: Are the results of ultrasonic cavitation similar to those of liposuction?
A: Yes, because it removes cellulite preventing this from recurring in the treated areas, without damaging the vascular system.
LOL… LOL…. lol…. What a Joke!!
If cellulite is a word which describes the bumps and dimpled appearance of the skin’s surface – then how can this treatment remove cellulite??!!! And it prevents it from recurring in the treated areas??
That is a horrible explanation of how the results are similar to liposuction. Horrible. Anyway…
This is one of the links Dalia sent in her question email. With a presentation like this, I can understand how women may easily fall for this as a viable cellulite treatment option. But the truth still stands…

This Is Physiologically IMPOSSIBLE…

**DISCLAIMER: by posting this video I am in NO WAY endorsing or recommending this product or procedure.**


There IS NO WAY This Can Work. NONE.

Save your money. Save your sanity. Save your self…
Nothing passive will ever work to get rid of cellulite. NOTHING.

How I Took Apart a Dead Human Body

The only way to do it is by reversing the muscular atrophy in the lower body trouble spots and problem areas.
Listen, you already know I have 2 degrees in Exercise Physiology (Bachelors & Masters) – but there was a required course I had to take and pass in order to get those degrees. It was a high-intensity, 8-week class called Gross Anatomy. It was a full-time course, meaning it was the only one on our schedule and it took up most of our days and nights… VERY intense…
Layer by Layer…
We were split up into teams of 7 students and each team was assigned a cadaver. A cadaver is the dead body of a person who donated their body to science before the time of their death. During these intense 8 weeks we carefully and slowly dissected the cadavers. In other words we took them apart – piece by piece and layer by layer.
As we took them apart we were also learning all the systems we were taking apart. The vascular system, digestive system, nervous system, skeletal system, lymphatic system, dermal system and the muscular system – just to name a few…
Seeing the Muscle/Skin Relationship In a Rare and Unique Way
It was during this intense learning experience that I saw what an actual atrophied muscle looks like.
I actually got to touch it and feel it…
And this is what I discovered:

The Dramatic Discovery

The cadavers with firmly toned muscles had smoother and tighter skin – and the cadavers with flat and mushy muscles also had bumpy and dimply skin. This is where I first started to learn the connection between muscle tone and the outer condition of the skin.

Now you see why I am so passionate about informing you about all the various aspects of cellulite. I learned the true through hours and hours of grueling studies – and it’s my duty to keep sharing that truth with you and all other women who are ready to hear the truth.
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That’s it for today, my dear…
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Your Trusted Trainer,
– Joey Atlas


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