Liposuction Makes Cellulite Worse And Even Causes It In Some

First things first – there is no doubt we’ve all seen the beautiful results of some high quality liposuction surgeries. On the right patients this cosmetic surgery is a great option. HOWEVER – there is much confusion over what it is good for and what it is not good for.
Sucking Needed Fat Out From Body Makes Skin Droopy and Bumpy
We will keep this focused on cellulite since that is the reason you are here to begin with.
If you remember the interview with Belinda Benn – I shared the simple and exact reason why liposuction makes cellulite worse in some women. When you suck out fat from behind the skin to reduce the size of the body area – you actually remove some of the support structure which is holding the skin up.
If that skin doesn’t tighten up after the liposuction – Guess what?
It sags and gets un-even – showing the bumps and dimples we all call cellulite. As a matter of fact some women end up getting cellulite bumps after having liposuction. In other words it causes it altogether!!
At this point I think it’s more fitting that you hear from some women who’ve experienced this situation personally. This is an email sent directly to me by a new Naked Beauty client. Please don’t email us to ask for her “after” pictures as she has already stated she will not want them shared publicly.

~ On October 3, 5:01:06 PM PDT, Lorraine S wrote: ~
Hi Joey, my name is Lorraine but everyone knows me as L_________, I’m from the UK. I have the most horrendous Cellulite, for many many years. I have subscribed to your Naked Beauty program online. I’m hoping this is the answer to all my prayers. I just saw on FB a link you posted regarding Belinda Benn & the comments she has on her wall about Liposuction.
Well I can 100% vouch for the fact that it made my cellulite a 100 times worse.
6 years ago I appeared on the English TV version of Extreme Makeover & reducing my Thighs was top of my list & although after Lipo my thighs are a lot slimmer the fact that my cellulite looks like an old ladies has totally destroyed my confidence. I just never thought there would be a cure for this dreaded & ugly curse that I have been dealt with.
I will give this my all & hope that I see some amazing results. I have just turned 50 & even though everybody says I look 10yrs younger makes no difference & I feel embarrassed & ashamed, maybe that’s why I’m still single.
I have taken before photo’s, I will work hard & hope that it pays off.
Wish me luck ! — Lorraine

Truth is – there are hundreds and hundreds of stories just like Lorraine’s – where liposuction makes cellulite worse. You can search the internet and find loads of them. For example here is just one I pulled at random to share with you.
What’s worse is what she does afterward… See for yourself…

cellulite worse after liposuction

Cellulite Worse After Liposuction

When we read the unfortunate story above there are several other important bad experiences this woman shares, and one or two which she is blindly setting herself up for.
Let’s take a quick look at those other worthless cellulite treatments::

Endermologie – If you read my recent article, you’d know exactly why she saw ZERO improvements after a series of treatments.
Super Detox – A high quality, properly structured detox is great for some things. BUT – it is not a cure for cellulite. Simply impossible. (Another $1,800.00 down the drain…)
Thermage – She is going for a consult soon. They say…“It will dramatically reduce stretch marks & tighten the area.” (HAHAHAAAAAAaaaaa – Really????)
Mesotherapy – If you were privy enough to read my recent article on this, you already know what her outcome is going to be.
VelaShape – She didn’t list this one, but if she hasn’t tried it, you can bet after all the above fails, she will be looking into it.

Unless, however, somehow – someway, she finds my website and realizes there is only one true and proven way to change the cause of cellulite and get rid of it for good.
For a mere $50 she can have her cellulite solution right in her hands. But after thousands and thousands of dollars, not only does she still have cellulite. But now it’s WORSE.
What about you? Is your cellulite gone yet? Or are you still looking for your solution? It’s ok, because Charmaine looked for a solution for 20 years (since puberty) until she found her solution. Read her email:

Your Name: Charmaine T.
Email: [email protected]
Message: Dear Joey,
I’m writing to tell you that your Naked Beauty program is simply AMAZING. I’ve had cellulite for more than 20 years, ever since I hit puberty, and it has been a scourge for as long as I can remember, I was embarrassed to wear short skirts or even to go to the beach.
I tried all sorts of remedies, a few of which gave partial results, but these results were too limited and too temporary to make a significant difference. Then, just when I’d given up and started to believe that there’s nothing anyone can do to get rid of cellulite, I came across your program.
I am now on day 23 and I have to say that my cellulite is nearly all gone!
It’s unbelievable! I thought 24 days might not be enough to get the results I wanted and in fact I intend to repeat the program for another 24 days, but I admit I never expected such incredible and immediate results.
Thank you so much Joey for making such a difference in my life.
I will certainly recommend your program whole-heartedly to all my friends.
~~ Charmaine T.

If you’re still looking, why don’t you give Naked Beauty a try like Charmaine did?
You have nothing to lose (except your cellulite) – because if after 7 weeks of you doing it – you’re not totally blown away by the changes you’re seeing – then I want to give you your money back. You simply email us and let us know you gave the program a solid run with no results to show – and Dena will gladly issue a refund.
And besides the 50% off price is going back up to the full price of $99.00 in the next day or two. So I would make your move right now if you are serious about your goal and all the good things that come with it.
You still have a lot of life ahead of you. Don’t you want to look and feel at your best?
I know you do… So, choose your option to start getting rid of your cellulite TODAY:
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Liposuction Makes Cellulite Worse

Liposuction Makes Cellulite Worse: CLICK HERE for REAL SOLUTION

I’m ready to help you get rid of your cellulite…
The only question is… “Are you ready to be helped?”

– Joey Atlas


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