The Confession of a Beauty Spa Technician

About 3 years ago I opened an email from one of the bravest women I’ve ever heard from. Back then she asked to keep her identity anonymous, but I could use the information she shared with me to help women understand the deceptive and costly issue.
We will call her “Jane”.
Jane was a beauty spa technician in a spa which sold multiple cellulite treatment services. Ironically, Jane was challenged by cellulite herself – which is how she found me to begin with.

She wrote; “NONE of The Cellulite Treatments Ever Work…”

She confessed, none of the cellulite treatments offered at the spa worked. NONE. She said she has never seen a woman get rid of her cellulite in all the years she worked there. So she knew firsthand that nothing passive worked. She said they had a full menu of services too: body wraps, anti-cellulite massage, lipo-laser, contouring skin brushing, etc…
Jane went on to explain women were usually led to believe they were personally doing something wrong or there was something wrong with their bodies which was negating any effects of cellulite reduction. At that point they were either sold more of the same treatment to lengthen the series – or they were sold on another treatment option “which may be what your body responds to…”
She said what really opened her eyes and made her understand all this was when she went to a beauty spa trade show. This is where all the product and treatment manufacturers and suppliers gather to display all their latest creations and “beauty solutions”. Spa and salon owners and technicians come to see what they can add to their business.
Selling False Hope Through Women’s Desperation and Insecurities
These trade-shows are all about one thing: MONEY… YOUR MONEY…
All product and treatment presentations are centered on how much money it will add to the beauty spa owners business and profits. It has almost nothing to do with whether or not what they are selling actually works to give you the results you are paying for.

Vacuum massage cellulite treatment

Phony Vacuum Massage Cellulite Treatment

The technicians were trained to try and make the customers believe they were seeing improvements through various little techniques and ploys. They knew lots of money could be made by selling hope and preying on women’s insecurities and desire to be attractive.
Trained to Play Mind Games With Women
Again, Jane had cellulite herself and knew none of that stuff worked. That is why she was doing her own search for a way to get rid of her cellulite. She knew her answer was not in the beauty spa.
When she found my site, she had never heard of me – so of course she was a bit skeptical.
But, she signed up for my article series and as I educated her on all the reasons why nothing passive can ever work – no matter how expensive or unique it is – she started to realize not only do I know what I’m talking about – But I may actually have the answer to her cellulite problem in the form of my Naked Beauty program.
She was right. That’s when she sent me the email I mention above along with a ‘thank you’ note for helping her reverse the cause of her cellulite – so she could feel good about wearing shorts, a bikini or even being naked with the lights on.
How Do They Get Away With This??!!
Why are beauty spas allowed to sell services which do not work?
Simple… All they have to do is be very careful with the wording they use in their advertisements (mail flyers, newspapers, magazine, radio, internet/website, etc..). And since they are selling “beauty services” – they are not regulated by the FDA, so they can get away with a lot of shady angles on the “cellulite treatment services” they push.
They have a bit more wiggle-room when they are speaking with you in person and tend to use language which can be considered fraud – but since it is not printed, written or recorded – It’s impossible for any woman to prove the spa representative made false claims in order to get the sale. Sad – but true…
Money Wasting Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap

Money Wasting Anti-Cellulite Body Wrap

Stay tuned for the next article – It should be ready for you in the next day or two. The title is:

Body Wraps and Body Wrapping Treatments:

I’ve been getting a lot of email questions about “Body Wraps” and “Body Wrapping Treatments” – and since there are many other readers who also want the dirt on that ineffective money-waster – I will be covering it in my next article. But for now – If you’re finally ready to reverse the cause of your cellulite bumps and dimples – then…

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Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Cellulite Removal Program FAQ’s

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5 – I understand why most women do not want to publicly share their “Before and After” cellulite story and photos. No problem – however, if you wish to do so, I would be extremely excited and would welcome the opportunity to share your success story so we can help other women experience the same success by showing the “the proof”. Welcomed but not mandatory.
6 – If you’d rather watch the video presentation again – before you decide to become a client – then you can watch that here: Cellulite Reduction Video
How to Reverse the Cause of Cellulite

How to Reverse the Cause of Cellulite

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Feel free to send this page to anyone you know who needs to hear the Confession of a Beauty Spa Technician.
Always looking out for YOU…

– Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens Body Enhancement Specialist



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