Fact or Fiction? The Best Cellulite Reviews

One of the most searched terms typed into a web browser by women who are challenged by cellulite is “best cellulite review” or “cellulite product reviews”.
I know this because part of my writings and research revolves around what is going on in the mind of a woman searching for a solution and what information sources she comes across while she is in that vulnerable state of mind.
Deceptive and Misleading: Don’t Fall for It
There is a major problem though when it comes to searching for legitimate and honest cellulite product reviews or a cellulite treatment review. It’s almost impossible for the average woman to sense the clues which let her know if a review is fabricated, as in fake.
Here is how you can tell if what you are reading is a well planned hoax cleverly disguised as a cellulite product or treatment review:

How to Spot Phoney Cellulite
Product & Treatment Reviews

1 – If any review sounds “too good to be true” and totally positive, with no caveats – or downside, then that should send up a red flag.
2 – If a specific review sounds like a miracle story and has links to the product or service location then it’s time to stop and take an objective look at the info. You’ll see this happen frequently in public forums on topics such as beauty, cosmetic surgery and women’s issues.
3 – Vague and wishy-washy reviews which leave you wondering what the person is trying to say should make you wonder what their objective is. Especially when they finish with “I am sure I’m going to see good results with this.” (this is common on book review sites and auction sites).
4 – Any review tied or linked directly to a free trial offer of a cellulite product or treatment is a sure sign of a trap. The free trial involves you giving your credit card info for a “small processing or shipping fee”.
BUT – what they don’t tell you is in a month your card will be billed for some crazy amount and you will be shipped more of the product. Many people have serious trouble finding a way to cancel this continuous re-billing for an unwanted product or treatment package.
5 – If you land on a review site, let’s say a cellulite cream review site – for example, and all the reviews range from extremely positive to somewhat positive; AND there are links to every product so you can purchase them online – then that is a clear sign of a cellulite toll-booth site.
When you go through those links for a free trial or to buy the product the toll-booth site owners make money – a commission. Quite often these sites have no person willing to be shown publicly on this site. Kind of a faceless/nameless entity – and it’s nearly impossible to find contact info on these types of review sites.

Something Very Fishy
Those are some of the top signs and clues which tell you “all is not what it seems”. There are others which I will cover in future articles.
But for now, if you’re going to keep searching for a passive way to get rid of your cellulite – I can only wish you the best of luck and arm you with information to help reduce your financial risk, physical risk and emotional risk.
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Feel free to send this page to anyone you know, especially if you think they will appreciate the inside scoop on dubious cellulite product and treatment reviews and ratings.
Always, always looking out for YOU…

– Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens Body Enhancement Specialist


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