Anti-Cellulite Shorts and Anti-Cellulite Shapewear

Do anti-cellulite shorts and cellulite-control shapewear work?
Yes – they work!! BUT…
Before you run off and start buying all the latest newfangled versions of anti cellulite shorts, shapewear and other undergarments – lets get the facts on the table first.
A quick research sweep brought me at least a half-dozen types of anti-cellulite shorts or shapewear solutions. Here are just a few:

Anti-cellulite Shorts and Shapewear Choices

– Bio-Ceramic Far Infrared
– MicroMassage Fibers
– Patented, high-tech 3D wave fabrics
– Moisturizing Milk Threads
– Coal Infused Compression

All have a clever “device” weaved into or on top of the textile so they can claim their unique advantage to each woman in search of a cellulite cover-up. BUT – the bottom line is this. Since they are all compression garments, they will all work to reduce the appearance of cellulite…
“Big Deal!” …you say…
And I say the same. Because what matters most is when your clothes are off – or when it’s time to wear the cute, sexy outfits you would like to be wearing.
Anti-cellulite shapewear does work. BUT – it only provides a temporary band-aid over the big, full-time problem. In other words, while you are fully clothed – yes the tight and uncomfortable “hidden” layer of underwear will mask any lumps, bumps and dimples of your skin.

anti cellulite shorts and shapewear

Anti Cellulite Shorts & Shapewear

However, once it’s time to get naked – or even just put on a bathing suit. The truth comes out – and everything can be seen. Reality is in full view. No cover-ups, no clothing tricks and no sneaky way to hide what should be fixed from the inside out.
That’s no way to live…
The Big Question For You
This is the big question: Do you want to reduce the appearance of your cellulite when you are fully dressed – or would you rather it not even be there when you look at yourself in the mirror with nothing covering your body?
Smooth, tight and sexy skin can be your reality. It doesn’t matter if you had the bumps and dimples your whole life – or if they started to become visible at some later stage; such as after pregnancy – or menopause, etc….
Stimulate Your Natural Physiology
You have to just open your mind to the concept of reversing the cause from “behind the bumps and dimples” – instead of from the outside by trying to apply something on the surface of your skin.
Take a look at this anatomical diagram. Unlike some of the previous lower body diagrams I’ve shared with you – this one is called a “cross sectional” diagram. This type of image shows the thigh structure if it was cut straight through – all the way, instead of looking at it straight on, with the skin stripped away.
muscles to stimulate for cellulite reversal

Muscles to Stimulate for Cellulite Reversal

Now It’s All Making Perfect Sense
Everything I’ve been sharing with you should make more sense now, when you look at this picture. Because…
You can see the thigh bone is at the very center. Then you have a bunch of various size and shape muscles – then you have the fat layer – then you have the skin layer. Buy toning and firming those muscles – you get them to push outward on the skin and fat layers – smoothing them out and making them tighter, BECAUSE THEY CAN’T PUSH INWARD, as there is no room.
Creams, scrubs, gels, massages, heat-lasers, lipo-suction, mesotherapy – and now, anti-cellulite shorts and shapewear CANNOT, and will never, reverse the cause of your cellulite. To get rid of it you have to firm, strengthen, lift and tone the various muscles right beneath the bumps and dimples we call cellulite.
By doing this – you get the permanent equivalent of what the compression shorts do for a temporary fix. See, the tight anti-cellulite shorts “squeeze” everything in an even fashion – removing the bumps and dimples – WHILE YOU ARE WEARING the TIGHTS.
Internal Stimulation of the Butt, Thighs and Legs
By stimulating the muscles on the inside of the skin – you get the same effect, BUT it is permanent and a million times healthier – AND REAL. So, when it’s time to be naked, whether you are alone or with someone else – you feel good about looking at yourself and also being seen by someone special.
CONCLUSION: These Will Never Work – EVER.
cellulite shorts

These Will NEVER Work

But THIS Anti-Cellulite Program DOES WORK…

Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Cellulite Removal Program FAQ’s

1 – You can order and access your program from any country – as it is presented to you via private online access. As a client – you’ll have access for life from anywhere in the world.
2 – Nothing gets shipped as your program is hosted on a secure and private area of this website. You’ll get a login link and a private password.
3 – This is a one-time payment. That’s it.
4 – You’ll have the option to get the DVD and book combo upgrade in a few weeks as we have many happy clients requesting those. All clients get the DVD and book version at a very deep discount, only if you want it. If you choose to also order the DVD/Book upgrade we can ship that anywhere in the world.
5 – I understand why most women do not want to publicly share their “Before and After” cellulite story and photos. No problem – however, if you wish to do so, I would be extremely excited and would welcome the opportunity to share your success story so we can help other women experience the same success by showing the “the proof”. Welcomed but not mandatory.
6 – If you’d rather watch the video presentation again – before you decide to become a client – then you can watch that here: Cellulite Reduction Video
Click to See Cellulite Removal Video

Click to See Cellulite Removal Video

7 – Or you can place your secure order and get started with your cellulite reduction today – at the bottom of this page with a sweet 50% Off :-)


When You Become a Naked Beauty Client, You Also Get These Sweet Bonus Videos:
1 – Flat-Sexy Stomach
2 – Tightly-Toned Arms
3 – Total-Body Toning: Level One
4 – Total-Body Toning: Level Two

*Each of these routines can be done at home or the office.*

Feel free to send this page to any woman you know who needs to hear the truth about anti-cellulite shorts and anti-cellulite shapewear.
Always looking out for YOU…

– Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens Body Enhancement Specialist

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