The Anti-Cellulite Diet: Is There Such a Thing?

by Joey Atlas; M.S., Exercise Physiology
In all of my work with helping women “beautify” their lower-bodies – there are a handful of burning questions which are asked of me on a regular and consistent basis.
Today, we address one of these often-asked-questions. That question is:

“Joey, Is there such thing as an anti-cellulite “diet”?

In short, the most direct answer is: “yes”…
But – the reasons I will share are different than what most other sources are trying to get you to believe…
There is a myth causing some women to believe certain foods and nutrients will “flush out the toxins which are causing your cellulite”…
THAT’S TOTALLY FALSE – because there are no toxins in or under your skin. If there were toxins building up and getting trapped under your skin, you’d be dead. Plain and simple.
Our bodies are designed to remove toxins very efficiently. This physiological process happens 24/7 – non-stop, all the time.
So, the unproven idea of “toxins” being the cause of your cellulite means your cellulite can’t be reversed by “flushing” them out with certain foods – because they are not there in the first place.
But, not to worry – because here is what the proper eating plan can do to reverse, or prevent, the root cause of cellulite in your legs, buns, hips and thighs. A true anti-cellulite diet provides optimal nutrients in amounts which positively impact female hormone regulation and balance.

Hormone Optimization

When the hormones are optimized – all the processes of the body are also optimized. Both structure and function are given all the right elements to thrive.
But equally important is the removal of certain ingredients and chemicals which have a negative impact on hormone regulation and balance.
Artificial sweeteners, conditioners, stabilizers, additives and artificial preservatives – are used so freely and frequently in mass market food and beverage production – it’s almost impossible to avoid them, if you are not paying attention. So it’s up to you to know what to look out for – and then build your anti-cellulite eating plan around those rules.
You have (A) items to include and (B) items to avoid. That’s it… Just 2 primary rules to follow.
Here are some specifics on the “avoid” list:
– acesulfame potassium, an artificial sweetener (there are 4 others)
– potassium bromate, a preservative banned in most countries
– Red-3, an artificial additive shown to cause thyroid tumors in rats; and possibly in humans
Here are some specifics on the “include” list:
– complete proteins, or protein combos (salmon, mussels, pecans, almonds, eggs)
– high nutrient carbohydrates (sweet potatoes, carrots, chick peas, lentils)
– essential fatty acids/EFA’s/Omega-3’s (these are in some of the foods above)
How does this approach improve your trouble spots and problem areas?

When you expose the muscles of your leg, butt, hip and thigh areas with proper stimulation (synergistic muscle layer stimulation/SYMULAST)- you want to feed your body the proper nutrients so:

1 – the muscles can get firmer and more “toned” (reversing the ill effects of muscular atrophy)
2 – you create a favorable internal environment for proper female hormone balance and function
3 – you provide your cells and cell membranes with all the elements they need to maintain their structural integrity – and this has a direct effect on your outward appearance

You put all those together and you can understand why and how some women are without cellulite – and more importantly; how others HAVE been able to get rid of it.
This is important: While following a properly structured anti-cellulite diet is very healthy for you in many ways (beyond just the cellulite issue) – YOU WILL NOT see the true benefits unless it is combined with the proper exercises which target your trouble spots and problem areas of your lower body.
This is the main reason why The Naked Beauty “Diet/Anti-Cellulite Eating Plan is only available to women who start off with The Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Exercise Method.

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I look forward to helping you…
Your trainer for life,
— Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist

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