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You will get your adwords account banned – and we are not responsible for that. You will also risk being banned from Clickbank. This site is NON-compliant when it comes to Adwords guidelines. If you want to run Adwords traffic to it – then your best bet is to build your own COMPLIANT website offering helpful info about cellulite – and then direct the traffic via your hoplinks.

BUT – the great news is that I have a pre-sell page that’s even BETTER than sending traffic to this site. I’ve invested a pile of my own money testing different pre-sells and I’ve found several that work BETTER than direct linking to this site.

Just give me a way to get in touch with you to share updates and tips sure to boost your commission checks and I’ll gladly give you that page free. In fact, it will be practically copy and paste ready for you to add to your site.

NOTE: If you have a womens’ list – this product is PERFECTLY targeted… We have a bunch of wicked new promo tools for you (new banners, custom articles, emails – and I can do awesome audio interviews as well, just be sure to get on the affiliate notice list right here, and I’ll be in touch via email:

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