Cellulite EXPOSED – The Tell-All Interview with
Belinda Benn

Here is the interview we promised. Press the triangle ‘play’ button to hear Belinda ask me questions which NOBODY has ever asked me before, in addition to some very common questions women ask me very day. My answers reveal surprising information you will not see or hear anywhere else… Enjoy!

About Belinda Benn
Belinda is an International Fitness Model and Transformation Coach. She is the creator of The Get Lean Program – a nutrition and mindset program used by trainers and fitness pros around the world for themselves and for their clients.
Belinda Benn Fitness Model and Transformation Coach

Belinda Benn: International Fitness Model and Transformation Coach


Some of The Questions We Cover In The Anti-Cellulite Interview

Q1 – How did you discover your specialty of helping average, every-day women deal with specific body issues – including cellulite? (I talk about ‘skinny fat’ in this part too)
Q2 – There is a lot confusion, deceptive marketing and endless myths about cellulite. How does this affect the women who come to you and how you go about helping them?
Q3 – Many women have a false belief that Liposuction is the only way to get rid of cellulite. Sadly this surgical procedure often makes cellulite even worse. Can you explain how this happens, and why?
Q4 – Can you share some of the other misleading myths of cellulite? (genetics, once you have it you can never get rid of it, toxin build-up, etc…)
Q5 – Can men have cellulite? (I share my personal story of male cellulite here.)
Q6 – Some sources report the only way to get rid of cellulite is through exercise. Where do women go wrong when they venture down this path of cellulite removal?

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Naked Beauty/SYMULAST Home Anti-Cellulite Program FAQ’s

1 – You can order and access your program from any country – as it is presented to you via private online access. As a client – you’ll have access for life from anywhere in the world.
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3 – This is a one-time payment. That’s it.
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5 – I understand why most women do not want to publicly share their “Before and After” cellulite story and photos. No problem – however, if you wish to do so, I would be extremely excited and would welcome the opportunity to share your success story so we can help other women experience the same success by showing the “the proof”. Welcomed but not mandatory.
6 – If you’d rather watch the video presentation again – before you decide to become a client – then you can watch that here: Cellulite Reduction Video
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Always looking out for YOU…

– Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Womens Body Enhancement Specialist


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