5 Factors Which Make Cellulite Worse

– Joey Atlas, M.S., Exe. Physio.; Creator of The SYMULAST Method
Most women trying to get rid of trouble-zone cellulite are running after the elusive answer to the burning question:
“What is the best cellulite treatment?”
When, in reality – she should first find out what may actually be the cause of her cellulite – or what factors might even be making it worse.
These 5 factors hold the key to knowing some of the top causes of the dimples, dents, ripples and shadows in the trouble-zones and problem areas of the average woman.

1 – High Stress Can Cause Cellulite or Make It Worse

Most women don’t even know the level of stress they have come to live with on a full-time basis. The pace of modern day society and the overload of external stimulatory sources naturally causes sub-conscious hyperactivity. This usually manifests in various levels of worrying, pre-occupation and unnecessary use of mental and emotional energy.
But take that and add to it the common, high-intensity, stress events which occur in all our lives at various times – to varying degrees. For example; the sickness of a loved one, the death of a friend, divorce, work/job challenges, family dysfunctions….
All of these stress factors have a direct impact on hormones. Cortisol, epinephrine, and oxytocin, just to name a few – are effected by stress. The levels and frequency of these and other hormones in the body can influence many physical characteristics. One of them being your cellular integrity.
If the cells of your body are being bombarded with hormone levels which are out of whack – then the adverse results will show. Muscles, connective tissue and skin cells will be loose, limp and mushy. This can even happen in women who are trying their hardest with general exercise and nutrition.
Stress recognition and management must be addressed in this type of situation. Not only for how you look when naked – BUT your long term health and longevity is highly dependent on this.

2 – Poor Sleep Can Cause Cellulite or Make It Worse

Sleep patterns and quality of sleep has an incredibly powerful effect on our hormones. In fact, sleep is where most of the magic happens. Some people are actually able to counteract the effects, to a certain degree–of a high stress life, with deep, consistent and regular sleep rituals.
Nonetheless, because of the direct effect on hormone regulations, when sleep quality is sacrificed, no matter the reasons – the negative effects on the hormones are in the same zone as what is described in the ‘stress’ section, above.
High quality sleep surely feels good when we are doing it – but It’s what makes us feel and function at the top of our game when we are awake. So, ponder your sleep challenges for a few minutes. Write them down and think of ways you might be able to enhance your sleep ritual.

3 – Certain Medications Can Cause Cellulite or Make It Worse

I’ll keep this simple and maybe leave the bigger discussion for a future, singular article.
It is widely known there are many medications which cause weight gain. Paxil, Seroquel, Zyprexa, just to name a few are some of the top offenders. But, it’s important to note there are many more.
But here is something which often goes un-noticed: The negative effects of medications on BODY-COMPOSITION.
Think about this. Someone starts a drug regimen to treat some type of ailment or condition. Their weight never changes and they like that, BUT – they notice the characteristics of their muscle-tone and skin integrity are changing. They are baffled.
What is going on??
Fact is, hormones can be affected by drugs, not only in a way which causes weight gain, but in some it can cause body composition to change in an unfavorable way – with no cause in weight change. Lower muscle density (muscular atrophy) with some extra body fat keeps one at the same weight but with visible mushy-ness and new dimples, ripples and shadows on the skin.
When someone sees these unwanted physical changes it is best to address them with your treating physician as soon as possible – and not wait until it gets “so bad”.

4 – Electrolyte Imbalance Can Cause Cellulite or Make It Worse

In the fast paced world of every day life, it’s very easy to sacrifice proper nutrient intake in order to meet the self-imposed demands of your 24-hour day. Pre-packaged foods, on-the-go meals and a higher than necessary intake of caffeine are factors which create an electrolyte imbalance in many people.

Tell-Tale Symptoms of Electrolyte Imbalance
– Energy highs and lows (more lows)
– No energy at all
– Mood swings
– Foggy thinking
– Jittery nervousness
– Helplessness
– Lethargy
– Incontinence
– Decreased sexual performance or interest
– Saggy skin
– Flat muscles
– Dimples, ripples and shadows on skin surface layer (what we call cellulite)

The key to your electrolytes influencing the tightness and smoothness of the skin is held in their influence and maintenance of cellular hydration. When the various cells of your body structures are properly hydrated they can function at an optimal level and they look healthier and more attractive.
Sure you can moisturize your skin from the outside, which is a great habit. BUT – you cannot hydrate your muscle layers, the connective tissue, nor the deeper skin levels from the outside. This must be done from the inside and your most powerful leverage point is your electrolyte intake.
What Do I Do?
One of the most powerful things you can do is replace all commercial table salt in your house with sea-salt. Sea salt is all natural and straight from the earth in the form which nature intended for the human body. Be sure to look for “unprocessed and unrefined” when shopping for yours.
It is a FULL SPECTRUM electrolyte. It gives us all the elements we need for proper hydration. Regular table salt CANNOT do that.
Then, look for packaged foods of a healthier sort. Every month the health food category grows larger because of demand. And because of this there are many companies making foods for busy people with healthier ingredients – one of them being sea salt INSTEAD OF commercial grade ‘sodium’ and refined and processed table salt.

5 – Wrong Exercises Can Cause Cellulite or Make It Worse

Yes, we all know exercise is the only way to reverse the root cause, and get rid of cellulite. BUT, the wrong exercises can either make it worse or make nothing happen at all – leading you to frustration and desperation.
Here’s What You Could Do
Avoid too much cardio. Doing too much cardio for a woman who is not overweight – or maybe only has a couple of pounds to lose – is a surefire way to induce “muscle-wasting”.
What Is Muscle-Wasting?
When muscle is used in a low to moderate intensity activity for extended amounts of time – those muscles become their own fuel for the activity – and they atrophy. They get flat, soft and saggy.
Without a level of stimulation which enhances, tones and lifts them – they allow the skin on top to also be soft, unsupported and saggy. Hence showing the shadows, ripples and dimples known as cellulite.

They key to the average woman getting rid of
lower-body cellulite is in these 3 exercise principles:

1 – ONLY do the amount of cardio needed for heart health and energy optimization. Too much will eat away at your muscle structure and age you faster (free-radical damage, etc…).
2 – Stimulate the 90 muscles in your leg, butt, hips and thighs with a synergistic combination of Multi-Dimensional movements. These are NOT done with typical gym machines and weight lifting exercises. These ARE movements based on your natural bio-mechanics working against gravity.
3 – You must do these movements with specific Form, Tempo and Sequence in order to make your muscles positively influence the skin sitting on top of them. Remember you are not trying to be a bulky body-builder or puffy power-lifter. You are simply aiming for a smooth and tightly toned body.


Proportional anatomical balance is the goal…
NOT destructive over-stimulation for undesired
physical abnormalities….

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Feel free to send this page to anyone you know who needs to hear the truth about the causes of cellulite and what factors can make cellulite worse.
Always looking out for YOU…

– Joey Atlas
M.S., Exercise Physiology
Women’s Body Enhancement Specialist

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