3 Wrong Cellulite Exercises Can Hurt You Fast & Seriously

If you’re like most women who battle cellulite problems – then you already know that creams, pills, scrubs, injections and treatments don’t work to remove the mushy dimples and shadows. And you’re probably reading this now because you realize that only the right type of exercise can attack cellulite at the root cause.
You’re about the see the “supposed” cellulite exercises to avoid at all costs – and you’re going to see which types of exercises do get rid of cellulite, once and for all.
The broad generalization of “the only proven way to get rid of cellulite is with exercise and good nutrition” can be extremely misleading and seriously damaging. “Exercise and good nutrition…” has a thousand meanings – and this is where the problem is.
Most doctors and trainers do not know SPECIFICALLY which exercises and what specific types of foods a woman needs to do – in order to target and get rid of her cellulite. Because of this – many women find themselves on a traditional gym workout program with weights, machines and long/boring cardio sessions.
The cookie cutter fitness approach doesn’t address everything on a woman’s body, ESPECIALLY the problematic cellulite spots.
Misleading Info Can Lead to Injury
Recently, I came across another ‘confusing’ article about cellulite reduction. What really got me angry is not only how misleading the article is – but also the harm it can cause to the typical woman.
See, as I mentioned in a previous issue – not all exercises get rid of cellulite. But furthermore – there are many ‘gym’ exercises that are just not meant for the female body. Some of these awkward exercises even injure men, but guys usually hide their injuries – because they don’t want to look like wimps.
The misleading article mentions 10 “supposed” anti cellulite exercises. I’ve listed 3 of them here – just to give you a clear and helpful example:

Stiff Leg Dead Lift: Not for Cellulite

Not for Cellulite: Stiff Leg Dead Lift

1. Stiff-legged Dead-Lifts: this common gym exercise is super risky for 2 reasons. The first is you are required to perform this with knees straight/locked (no bend in the knee). This is NOT the way our body works. The second is the massive amount of stress placed on your lower and mid-back. Stay away from this move. FAR AWAY.
Not for Cellulite: Smith Machine Squats

Not for Cellulite: Smith Machine Squats

2. Smith Machine Squats: using this machine defeats the purpose when it comes to cellulite removal. The key to cellulite removal is deep and thorough stimulation via slow and intentional use of the muscles and muscle fibers. The Smith Machine allows the user to let momentum do more of the work instead of the actual muscles. In other words – more time and energy is wasted while increasing risk on injury of the neck, back, hips and knees.
Not for Cellulite: Leg Extension Exercise

Not for Cellulite: Leg Extension Exercise

3. Leg Extensions: Most women have cellulite on the back on the thighs, legs and butt. A smaller percentage have it on the front. So this move is not only a waste on time because it’s supposed to focus on the front thigh muscles – BUT moreso because it’s a single-joint, isolation type exercise. There is rarely a reason for any woman to use this kind of machine. That energy and effort is better spent on “compound” exercises which involve 2 or more joints and require the use and stimulation of several muscle groups instead of only one.
The first critical problem with these lower body exercises, insanely and falsely being misrepresented as “exercises for cellulite” – are that they each can only be done on an uncomfortable workout machine or require you to use dangerous extra weights – which means you’d have to subject yourself to the sweat, stench and stink of your local gym – not to mention the inconvenience this imposes on your busy schedule.
The second, and the BIGGEST problem is that these are the type of exercises that I speak about on other pages of this website – They are exercises that DO NOT deliver the desired effect – which is targeting the exact muscle layers below the cellulite trouble spots – and therefore WILL NOT smooth and tighten your skin. You will NOT see these wrong exercises in the Naked Beauty Program if you choose to become a happy client.
Why Waste Your Time and Risk Painful Injury?
In addition to being a complete waste of your time – these exercises have been proven to cause long term injuries. This is one of the primary reasons physical therapy clinics started to set up offices INSIDE health clubs and fitness centers in the late ’80s and early ’90s. They get A LOT of desperate patients from the gym floor; the people who get unnecessarily injured during their strenuous workouts.
But here’s what I really don’t like…
Imagine this unfortunate scenario:
You read that misleading article. You don’t know any better – so you join the local fitness center. You start doing all these machine and weight exercises – because you’ve been misled to believe they will get rid of your cellulite. Totally NOT your fault. How could you know??
So, 2 months goes by and you see no changes whatsoever – after all that time and effort. You get frustrated and you give up. And you tell yourself – “Exercise doesn’t doesn’t get rid of cellulite – I just proved it to myself.”
But in reality – all you proved is this:

The Wrong Exercises Do Not Get Rid of Cellulite

But because this is new to you – you have yet to learn that not all exercises are good ones – and not all exercises get rid of cellulite.
Try getting your health club membership fees back from the health club after 2-3 months of using it. Hah! That just ain’t happening. It’s your loss – that’s basically what they tell you, even though you didn’t get the results you thought you were going to get. Sad, yes – but still true nonetheless.

Only the Precise Anti-Cellulite Exercises Get Rid of Your Cellulite

This video explains why and shows you how:

free cellulite removal video

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– Joey Atlas
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