1 True Way to Get Rid of Cellulite: Skin-Level Muscle Toning

by Joey Atlas; M.S., Exercise Physiology
One of the most confusing aspects of cellulite is why it can be found in some young women, and not others – and how some women get it as they age – and some never get it at all.
When I say ‘confusing’ – I don’t mean confusing to me – I mean ‘confusing’ to women, in general…
This puzzling aspect of cellulite is one of the top reasons so many ‘cellulite treatment’ products can be marketed so cleverly to the intended market: – women of all ages who struggle with cellulite.
My goal for this article is to give you a clear understanding of what causes the dimpled look of skin (what is commonly referred to as cellulite) – in women of all ages.
Let start with the younger woman. It’s not uncommon for teens to have cellulite. Though less prevalent in this age group – there are females who are not overweight – have a great shape to their body – but have the bumpy, dimpled texture of skin – in the butt and thigh region.
‘Genetics’… My A$%!…
All too often this is labeled as being caused by “genetics” – as in ‘being handed down from the mother or grandmother’…
Most of the time this is only partially correct. And here’s why…
It’s not the appearance of the skin that’s been passed down genetically – but rather, its the natural level of muscle tone (I’m not talking about muscle bulk) – or lack of muscle tone in this case – that leaves a very soft and ‘mushy’ base for the skin to rest on.
Since the muscle structure directly beneath the ‘cellulite’ skin area has a tendency to be more atrophied in some women (this can be tied to genetics) – the out layer of skin simply has no choice but to ‘pucker’ and dimple – instead of laying smoothly tightened around well-toned, firmly lifted muscles.
The good news is that with the RIGHT exercises (anti cellulite exercises) – a young woman can get her muscles to respond. And by stimulating these muscle layers directly – atrophy is reversed and a natural toning, shaping and lifting effect occurs – resulting in a structural smoothing of each layer of the ‘dermis’ – which ultimately shows as a ‘leveling’ effect on the outermost layer of the skin – the one you see when you look in the mirror.
I’ll talk more about specific exercise principles and ‘cellulite exercise’ misunderstandings in future issues – but for now, it’s time to address the issue of ‘old’ cellulite – more often associated with the ‘mature’ age group – 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, etc…
To keep this article focused – I’m going to address the type of woman who was never really overweight – maintains a nice figure – and is quite happy with how she looks when fully dressed.
It’s not uncommon for this type of woman to have great looking skin, with no signs of cellulite – only to start developing it as she approaches and goes through middle age… And this can happen with no change in weight. (and it can even happen if weight is lost – which is another topic I’ll address in a future issue…)
“How does this happen?
Where do these lumps, bumps and ripples come from?
What’s happening to my body?!!”

Not to fret…
The answer is easy. The reason is simple. And the remedy is basic physiology in action.
Around middle age is when the aging process starts to become evident and physiological changes result in ‘symptoms’ of physical decline…
One of the most common is muscular atrophy (your muscles get smaller, softer, flatter and weaker).
So, we can watch a young woman go through her teens, early adulthood maybe through a pregnancy or 2 – without so much as a spot of cellulite. For her – having tightly smoothed – great looking skin is something she is used to… But…
Middle-age then rolls around – and without the right type of exercise routine – the muscle layers in all the female trouble spot zones begin to atrophy. They get flatter, they become ‘limp’ – and hey slowly get weaker.
This allows the skin that covers those muscle areas to get saggy, soft and dimply. The un-toned state of the underlying muscle layers – basically leaves the skin ‘hanging’ and without a firm base, the uneven texture is a natural side effect that is commonly know as cellulite.
So, what this ultimately shows us is that – the appearance of cellulite in a 17 year old as compared to a 72 year old is caused by the exact same thing: soft, undeveloped, flat, and limp muscle layers directly beneath the cellulite areas.
The bogus marketing ploys that we see, hear and read about in all of the media is simply geared toward forcing you to believe why some passive method or some superficial treatment is going to get rid of your cellulite. Even the gimmick of ‘internal flushing of built-up toxins’ tries to make you think that such a thing can happen to your body and that’s why you have cellulite… BUT…
You are smarter than that… and…
You Are Smarter Than ‘Them’ Now
So, with the cause of cellulite being directly tied to the condition of the muscle layers – you can be sure that the only proven way to reverse it is through a targeted and focused exercise routine. An anti-cellulite exercise routine that stimulates muscle toning, firming and lifting – naturally resulting in the beautiful smoothing and tightening effect on the outer layer of your skin – ultimately, getting rid of cellulite.
This basic physiological response has no age exclusions. The stimulus/response action of a muscle is the same no matter how old you are or how young you are.
The only thing you need to be sure of is that you are following a program specifically designed as a proven anti cellulite exercise routine, such as NAKED BEAUTY.
An Anti-Cellulite Diet?
At least once a day we get an email question asking “Is there such thing as an Anti-Cellulite Diet?”
The truth answer is “Yes.” But it’s not really a “diet”… It’s more like a nutrient dense, high quality way of eating (NOT for weight loss). HOWEVER – this way of eating is only most effective when it is added to a cellulite-specific exercise method…
So, unless you are providing the right stimulation to the muscle layers of your trouble spots and problem areas – then the “anti-cellulite diet” isn’t going to do much for you (Although it is very good for long term health, energy and hormone regulation).
If you haven’t seen the part of this video where I show you the 90 muscles in your lower body – then you want to take a minute or two and watch it. When you see how your body is structured – you’ll understand the secret to getting rid of your cellulite depends on how you stimulate those muscles in your leg, butt, hip and thigh areas.
Click the link and watch it…
Your trainer,
– Joey Atlas
Womens’ Body Enhancement Specialist

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